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T-Cell-15 (3YR WARRANTY) Hayward/Goldline

  • REGULAR PRICE: $495.00
  • Manufactured by: Goldline
  • Model: T-CELL-15
  • Shipping Weight: 6lbs

Price:  $495.00

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The T-Cell-15 (3 year warranty) pairs with AquaRite and SwimPure Plus Electric Chlorine Generators and is capable of generating chlorine for pools holding up to 40,000 gallons.
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Compatibility Guaranteed

* Clean, clear and luxuriously soft water, automatically
* Turns ordinary salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure, sanitizing chlorine
* Generates 100% of pool and spa’s sanitization needs
* No more red eyes, itchy skin and chemical odors
* No more liquid or tablet chlorine
* Ideal for any existing or new in-ground pool

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T-CELL-15 Manual

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What is the ideal salt level to maintain in my swimming pool to keep my AquaRite running efficiently?

AquaRite recommends that you maintain a salt level within the range of 2700-3400 ppm. Low salt levels will cause damage to your cell and dramatically reduce the cell life. High salt levels may cause your power supply to overheat. It is important to maintain the recommended salt levels in your pool to ensure efficient chlorine production and best cell life.

Why does my salt level reduce over time?

Salt levels reduce due to:
1. water loss through splashing
2. swimmers leaving the pool
3. backwashing a filter
4. water levels overflowing after heavy rainfall
When such instances occur, check your salt levels to determine whether you need to add more salt to your pool.

Why do salt cells need to be cleaned?

A natural byproduct of salt chlorination is the deposit of calcium scale on the electrolytic cell. It is important that the scale is removed regularly to keep your salt system running efficiently. If calcium builds up too much, it will cause damage to the cell and premature wear, which may not be covered under warranty.

Servicing and Cleaning the AquaRite Cell

Turn off power to the AquaRite before removing the electrolytic cell. Once removed, look inside the cell and inspect for scale formation (light colored crusty or flaky deposits) on the plates and for any debris, which has passed through the filter and caught on the plates. If no deposits are visible, reinstall. If deposits are seen, use a high pressure garden hose and try to flush the scale off. If this is not successful, use a plastic or wood tool (do not use metal as this will scratch the coating off the plates) and scrape deposits off plates. Note that a buildup on the cells indicates that there is an unusually high calcium level in the pool (old pool water is usually the cause). If this is not corrected, you may have to periodically clean the cell. The simplest way to avoid this is to bring the pool chemistry to the recommended levels as specified.

Mild Acid Washing:

Use only in severe cases where flushing and scraping will not remove the majority of deposits. To acid wash:
1. Turn off power to AquaRite.
2. Remove the cell from piping.
3. In a clear plastic container, mix a 4:1 solution of water to muriatic acid. ALWAYS ADD ACID TO WATER - NEVER ADD WATER TO ACID. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and appropriate eye protection.
4. Screw one end of the turbo cell onto a cleaning stand or union piece with capped end to seal off one end of the turbo cell and stand the cell up vertically.
5. Fill the inside of the turbo cell with the acidic mixture and let it sit for 2-10 minutes depending on the severity of calcium buildup.
6. Pour the solution into a plastic bucket and remove the cell from stand or cap.
7. Look in both ends of the cell to confirm calcium deposits are removed. If not, repeat cleaning procedure.
8. Rinse cell with fresh water and replace in plumbing line. Hand tighten unions before restoring power to filter pump.

Important Note. Dispose of corrosive acid solution in a safe and appropriate manner.

Also replaces GLX-CELL-15-W

Current Reviews: 1

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